Orthopedic Institute - Carbondale

Architechniques was hired by Southern Illinois Orthopedic Associates to expand and renovate their Orthopedic Center in Carbondale, Illinois. The expansion includes a new and enlarged physical therapy area, 2 exams rooms, occupational therapy area, waiting room, reception, and therapist workroom. In addition to the physical therapy expansion, the existing physical therapy was renovated to create a new doctor’s suite. This new suite includes 4 exam rooms, an office and a central nurse’s station.

Illinois Centre Dental

Architechniques provided design and construction administration services to Shawnee Health services for their 4,000 s.f. dental facility in Marion, Illinois. This facility includes 8 general dentistry exam rooms, a dental lab, a panoramic x-ray as well as administrative and support spaces.

Harrisburg Medical Center

Architechniques has worked with Harrisburg Medical Center on several projects. We have provided design for a new lobby, surgical suite expansion, stage II recovery expansion, sleep study clinic, emergency department expansion and cashier/financial counseling renovation. We have designed and administered construction for a new bone density scan room, a new behavioral health patient bedroom, and a new minor procedure room. We have reviewed and updated their life safety plans, providing ongoing consultation to resolve various issues such as emergency electrical systems, access control system, and life safety inspection issues. Architechniques also provided consultation, design and construction administration to assist in the hospital in returning to operational status and completing repairs after it was hit by a tornado.

Franklin Hospital

Architechniques oversaw the Master Planning phase and implementation of the expansion and renovations to Franklin Hospital. Working with Board of the county hospital, Architechniques, identified areas which required upgrades, additional space, and/or relocation or creation, within the hospitals functional plan. The first step is a renovation of the main lobby, business offices, and Emergency Department. Later Phases include renovation and upgrades to the medical surgical unit, and then cosmetic upgrades to the exterior façade and third floor clinic spaces.

Marion Collision Center

Architechniques provided design and construction documents to W.F. Stift Construction for the 5,250 s.f. addition to the Marion Collision Center. This addition consists of a rigid frame steel structure housing prep stations, a paint booth and detailing stations.

Jacobs Mechanical Service

Architechniques provided design to Jacobs Air Conditioning & Heating of Carbondale, Illinois for their office and shop facility.

Absolute Auto

Architechniques provided design and construction documents to Absolute Auto Body of Carbondale, Illinois. The facility is a 4,200 s.f. post frame structure housing 6 automobile bays and 500 s.f. office space.

Louie's P & R

An 100 year old tradition in Southern Illinois, Louie's P & R approached Architechniques, Ltd. for renovations to their family-owned market's location since 1968. Beginning with the ceiling, the existing 2x4 acoustical ceiling was removed to expose the original stamped metal ceiling. This metal ceiling was cleaned of all paint, repaired in any damanged areas, and repainted.At the walls, the paneling and plaster were removed to expose the original masonry. During demolition, a vintage Gold Medal Flour sign painted onthe masonry was revealed. New drywall accents were added to the walls to give the appearance of deteriorating plaster. New walls and display areas will be constructed around the perimeter of the store to create the feel of an Italian Market. The overall intent of the design is to shift the function of the store towards a restaurant providing a seating space for approximately 30 people.

The H Group C.I.L.A. Homes

Architechniques, Ltd. provided full architectural services for the design andconstruction of 2 eight bedroom C.I.L.A. group homes in Herrin, Illinois. Eachfacility is designed as a 3,600 square foot residence housing 8 bedrooms.Energy efficient construction was included to reduce the owner's operatingexpenses. These efficiencies include high efficiency windows, solar tubeskylight lighting, occupancy sensor lighting controls, C.F.L. lighting, spray foamwall and attic insulation as well as an LP emergency generator.

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